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2020 Has Been The Year of Delivery

Hello everyone, and wow what a year 2020 has shaped up to be. A year of firsts in so many ways. Now I'm not going to mention the c-word for a change, but what I am going to mention is the d-word.... That's right Delivery, if you're still unsure what I mean that there's a D-pick just up there!

So what do I mean by delivery, well look at the winners of 2020 and damn it, if most don't have just one thing in common. They have cracked the ecomm challenge and delivered millions if not billions of parcels and products, along with delivering incredible revenue and unstoppable change. Well in my own way I'd like to think I am also making 2020 my year of delivery.

Personally I am delivering positive change, and I am delivering businesses, and here is the latest addition. World Wide Rude Food, isn't a new idea of mine though, I've actually been thinking about it and trying it out in little bits since 2008 ... that's over 12 years at the time of writing this. So this is the last attempt, do or die, but it will be a whole hearted, run at the wall, smash through it or get knocked the fuck out! wish me luck :)

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