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7 of the Funniest Product Names You Ever Saw

Vingummi Spunk - Netherlands

"How 'bout YES you crazy Dutch B**tard" These are wine gums produced and marketed in the Netherlands. Fabulously fruity, and also available in salty liquorice flavour.

Pussy Energy Drink - UK

Well alright these guys knew what they where doing when they made this English product to be marketed in England, but still, an natural stimulant that will keep you up all night.

Pocari Sweat - Japan

Well you can't blame the logic with this one, an Ion drink named after the reason you drink it. However I'm not sure if it was considered about how the purchaser would feel about guzzling a can of sweat after a workout. but hey, there it is!

Glico Chocolate Collon - Thailand

Well you have to hand it to confectionary manufacturer Glico, they sure know how to make a Colon, oops I mean Collon look deliciously choclatey. A firm favourite and why not?

Africa's Finest Shito - Ghana

Well its a bold statement, but when you are in the Shito game, but as they say "Go big or go home". Thankfully this is the mild version, it's the Hot Shito you need to look out for...

Cloetta Plopp Chocolate

Funnily enough this is probably one of the tamest entries when it comes to food with rude names, but you have to taste a Plopp to truly understand what makes these chocolate bars so great.

Grace Cock Flavoured Soup - Carribean

Well judging from the packaging this Cock is all natural as well as being a firm favourite. However not so sure on the storage instructions, I thought the opposite is usually true- but hey, maybe I've just been doing it wrong

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